Arjen Robben spoke to Bert Maalderink from the NOS about his future and confirmed that he is taking his time regarding the next step in his career.

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It has been confirmed that Robben will leave Bayern Munich at the end of this season, sparking speculation about where the 36-year-old could go next. Retirement is an option for the attacker, along with a return to the Eredivisie for Groningen or PSV.

Robben said, ”I have received interest from two or three clubs but I want to take my time regarding my decision. I want to think about things in a calm way and weigh up what would be the best next step in my career.

”Retirement could also be a good next step but so can continuing to play football. I have been clear that the moment that something comes along where I am convinced that it would be a good challenge then I will go for it.

”I am touched by the banners and petitions at FC Groningen to encourage me to return to the club and it is great to be still held in high regard by the supporters. I still have links with the club but that is no guarantee that I will return to the club. I have always said that I can’t promise anything.

”FC Groningen will always be my club and I will always have links to the club.”

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