Arjen Robben is still unsure on where he will be playing next summer when he leaves Bayern Munich.

The 35-year-old has already announced that he will leave Bayern Munich at the end of the season. He has a number of offers from England, Spain and back home in the Netherlands.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Robben said on his decision to leave Bayern, “It was a big step, to finish your career here at an amazing club after 10 amazing years. I was also relieved once I made the decision and made it open to the public. That’s the first big decision and now the second one. It’s maybe more difficult, because if it’s about what is coming next you want to make it the best decision possible and that’s always difficult in football because you will only know after you have made the decision.”

On whether he is considering a coaching role, he added, No, not yet. I’m still playing. I don’t know how long but I always said that as long as I enjoy it and physically feel good enough to perform at the level I want to, then I will continue. I am also still curious where I will be next year. Maybe England, maybe Spain, or somewhere else — it can be anywhere. We’ll see.”

Robben also spoke about that miss against Spain in the World Cup final, ‘You can always say, “What if? but in the moment it goes like that….You have to decide what to do in one split second. And you will never know. The people in Holland, full of emotion, they say, “What would have happened if he had scored that goal in the final?” But there was still half an hour to play and you never know what was going to happen. Spain could have still attacked and scored.”

You can read the full interview with Robben by clicking here.

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