Dusan Tadic has spoken about his altercation with Denzel Dumfries during Ajax’s 1-1 draw with PSV Eindhoven on Sunday.

Dusan Tadic netted a last minute penalty to earn Ajax a 1-1 draw, but after scoring he was involved in an angry altercation with Dumfries, which continued after the game.

Speaking to ESPN, Tadic said, ” I picked up the ball and put it down. Then three players came up to me, kicked the ground, and made a hole at the spot. Dumfries told me that I am a pussy, that I am not a leader, that I was going to miss.”

“So what should I do if I score afterwards? Say to him, “Thanks for calling me a pussy” ? No, then you say the same back.”

On Dumfries accusation that Tadic said something about his mum, he said, “Well, you know, he comes to me first. I would never start with him.”

Tadic concluded, “I respect Dumfries. He is one of the best right-backs in the Eredivisie and Oranje. But I can’t just walk away after that when he’s said so many bad words. Then I have to say something back, of course. He wanted to play a psychological game with me, but that’s not helpful. I have more experience and I know that I am better at those games than he is.”

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