On the Een-Tweetje met Yves podcast, Louis van Gaal has spoken about his exit from Manchester United.

Back in 2016, the English media was full of stories for months that Van Gaal was set to be sacked and replaced by Jose Mourinho. Just after Manchester United lifted the FA Cup, the stories became a reality.

Van Gaal does not blame Mourinho though, “I blame Ed Woodward, my CEO at Manchester United, much more than Mourinho. I did say that to Woodward. He was the evil genius in my view.”

Van Gaal worked with Mourinho at Barcelona but doesn’t feel he needs an explanation as he understands why he would take the job, “I don’t have to. Manchester United is the most beautiful, best and most challenging club in England. That is why I chose Man United instead of Tottenham Hotspur. I wanted to go there, but then Manchester United came. Well that was number one. I had worked at Ajax, FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich, so you go to that club.”

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