Jan Vreman knows De Graafschap can still salvage their lackluster season, but only if they shrug off their bad mentality as the Eredivisie negotiates towards the homestretch.

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vreman graafHis remarks comes after the ‘super farmer’ suffered their 15th defeat of the season, at the mercy of Heracles over the past weekend.

Vreman, whose side lie bottom of the table with eight points, knows they will need more than the two marginal wins to their name this season to escape what looks like a likely direct flight back to the lower division.

“’The two wins we have had so far were a huge relief, not only top the players but the passionate fans who have always travelled to cheer their team. We feel we are letting them down with our performances. We can do better, we have to do better,” he lamented.

“Many a times, we are engulfed with complaints, criticizing, blaming, or playing the victims, there is need to rise up and work towards the our goal which is survival. Playing the victim only limits what we’re actually capable of.”

Vreman wants to see change starting with this weekend’s match with league champions PSV, he adds that, it’s should not be a formality but a match that can turn around their bad season.

“We are not playing for formality! Our desire is to stay in the the top flight league, maybe our body language has not been good but we have to stand up and say exactly that.”

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